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Toto SW574 S300E Elongated Closed Front Toilet Seat with Lid and Washlet with eWater+

SKU: SW57401
by: Toto

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    • Elongated toilet seat with lid - designed to complement a wide variety of elongated toilet designs
    • Features a new slim design, at just four inches in height
    • The new eWater function mists the bowl after each use, making a clean bowl easier to maintain and reducing the need for chemicals during cleaning
    • Made from solid anti-bacterial plastic
    • Seat is ergonomically contoured to provide maximum comfort to the user
    • Includes an anti-microbial agent that inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria, molds and mildew
    • Secure mounting assembly while keeping installation fast and easy
    • Complete with color-matched plastic hinges
Product Benefits:
    • Soft Close: This soft close lid forces a gentle descent guaranteeing that your seat will never slam as you put it down.
    • Heated Seat: Warms the toilet seat when you sit down, or keeps it warm at all times, depending on how you have it set.
    • Temperature Controls: Gives the ability to separately adjust the temperature of the water, the toilet seat, and the warm air dryer.
    • Seat Sensor: The sensor detects when someone sits on the toilet seat and activates all of the functions.
    • Water Pressure Control: The water pressure can be adjusted to soft or strong.
    • Self Cleaning Water Wand: The entire wand is thoroughly washed when it is extended for use and before it is stored.

Alt SKU: SW574#01