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Amerec 9015-2001 AT5 Series Steam Generator Package with T100 Touch Control and Automatic Drain Kit

SKU: 9015-2001
by: Amerec

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Amerec's AT Series Generators available from Mega Supply Store are engineered for performance and reliability. The innovative Soft Steam feature provides the ultimate in steam bathing comfort. Minimal temperature variations and an even flow of steam are the two most important performance characteristics of a steam bath. Amerec engineering delivers both with the groundbreaking Soft Steam element switching to maintain a consistent and comfortable bathing environment. The AT Generator uses full power to quickly heat up the steam room to its preset temperature; then it cuts power to half its elements, resulting in a more consistent flow of soft billowing steam and more stable temperature.

The AT Series steam generator package includes the innovative T100 Touch Control and the ADT Automatic Drain Kit. No need to order individual items for a complete steam shower installation. Simply select the appropriate kW size generator for the shower space, and add a ComfortFlo™ steam head in the finish of your choice.
*To integrate with an existing Smart Home automation system, consider adding the MySteam™ Feature for a Smart Home connection. For more info, call us at 855.634.2830


ADT auto drain:
The ADT auto drain drains the tank following each steam bath and flushes water through the tank to reduce sediment build up and provide longer element life.

Comfort Flo Steam Head:
The Comfort Flo steam head features a fragrance reservoir that allows the bather to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy by dropping their favorite fragrance onto the reservoir.

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