Smeg premium appliances feature leading technology and architectural style. Smeg is the only brand to form long-term relationships with world-leading architects and is currently celebrating 30 years of architectural collaboration with famous Italian architect Guido Canali in its latest release of the Classic Collection. The precision-matched appliances feature state-of-the-art technologies like Smeg Thermoseal with enduring “Made in Italy” style. Now available with the optional Smeg Gourmet Cooking Stone for authentic contact cooking of artisan breads and pizza at home.


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Founded in 1948, SMEG ("Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla". translated as "Metal Enamelling Plant from Guastalla Emilia") is an Italian home appliance manufacturer based in the town of Guastalla, in the Region of Emilia Romagna in Northern Italy, 30 kilometers north of the city of Reggio Emilia.


Smeg Ovens

smeg ovens

Smeg built-in ovens are the result of 60 years expertise pioneering innovations in cooking technology and 30 years of architectural styling, ensuring longstanding quality and style for your kitchen.


Smeg Dishwashers

smeg dishwashers

Whisper quiet dishwashers - Smeg dishwashers feature orbital wash technology and exceptional water and energy ratings with high performance that’s whisper quiet, so you can wash anytime day or night.


Smeg Cooktops

smeg cooktops

Professional quality cooktops with a wide range of options – The combination of cutting-edge technology in gas, ceramic and induction, the highest quality materials and superior performance ensures there is a Smeg cooktop to suit every kitchen.


Smeg All-in-One Cookers

Smeg Cookers

A freestanding Smeg cooker makes a bold, stylish statement in modern and traditional kitchens. It also keeps the hobs and oven together in one hub for efficient cooking.


Smeg Range Hoods

smeg range hoods

Smeg hoods reflect the elegance and style of the kitchen around them as they combine quality design with the best materials. A range of models are available to suit all kitchen types. At the design stage, attention to detail in terms of style is combined with technical studies which ensure that Smeg hoods will be virtually noiseless and guarantee high extraction performance. In addition, all products in the hood range can be fitted with special active charcoal filters which recirculate completely purified air.


For over 65 years now, SMEG appliances have come to be seen as tasteful and elegant solutions to the demands of contemporary living as a result of the company's partnerships with world-famous architects. Not only does SMEG have a unique profile in terms of domestic appliances, it is also renowned in professional business sectors. The Food Service division specializes in the area of large-scale restaurant/catering appliances, and electro-medical instruments. The SMEG Group, thanks to a corporate culture which dictates that maximum emphasis be placed on product quality, technology and design, is consequently known all over the globe as one of the key representatives of "Made in Italy" standards.